Here I have inserted two links to videos. The first link labelled ‘Coaching Session’ is a video of myself leading a 5 minute warm up and the second link labelled ‘Video reflection’ is a video reflection of myself on the warm up I led.

Video of coaching session – Warm Up

Video reflection on leading a warm up


3 thoughts on “Video of coaching session and reflection

  1. interesting points that you made around intervention and how you would ensure that you differentiated the group by using interventions on an individual basis, not stopping the whole group. One coaching approach that is often used with individual athletes eg sprinters who might work in a small group under the direction of a coach is the use of reciprocal coaching. That is, athletes are encouraged to feedback to each other to help their development, do you think there is any room for this approach with team based coaching and/or children?


    1. Yes definitely, if players are giving feedback to each other it helps to develop communication skills (Social corner) working with each other to help provide solutions as not only individuals but as a team. EG; if participants are giving feedback to a player on their positional movement that may help to improve the player to be in the right place at the right time as well as the team with the player being an extra option to pass to.


  2. I worked Kieran Trippier ( Spurs ) when he was 12 and was a striker and put him at right back so he could see what a full back sees to improve his movement as a striker . So there are many different ways to take this approach forward.


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