So why do people reflect?
How does reflecting aid a coaches personal development?

(Neville, 2001) states that reflective practice has been considered widely due to the support that it offers for both personal and professional development. Reflecting enables people to look back at a pervious event and analyse. It allows coaches to look back on the process they took to producing and delivering a session and why they did it? Which could lead to asking themselves questions such as…

what did they get out of it?
What did their players get out of it?
What was successful and what could have been done better? (Plymouth University, 2012)
What could be improved?
How would you improve it?

This breakdown of reflection is a key factor of being able to develop as a coach and being able to understand why you do what you do. Reflection helps to improve you as an individual; no two coaches will have the same reflection process and come up with the same outcome.

As a coach I find it important to be honest with myself, give myself criticism and understanding what I am doing well and how I am doing it. I am no coaching expert, I am a second year student learning how to develop myself as a coach every day and therefore, will make mistakes more often that not so learning how to react to those mistakes will help to improve me each day of my coaching journey. “The belief that learning from our mistakes is more important than learning from our successes” (Sarah Lee).

“Through self evaluation and improved awareness, the coach is able to consciously and purposefully improve their coaching practice” (Anderson, et al, 2004). As stated above no two coaches will have the same reflection however, if self-evaluation is part of a coach’s routine it will naturally help to improve their coaching practice.

Take time to think about what it is your doing and why you are doing it. You’re the leader of your own reflection…..

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